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Museo de Arqueología de la Alta Montaña

The main sight in the city of Salta is the Museo de Arqueologia de Alta Montaña, which houses three mummified Inca children, who were found frozen at an altitude of 22,000 feet at the top of Llullaillaco volcano.

They were discovered in 1999 by an Argentine-US expedition funded by the National Geographic Society. Nature had preserved them from the day of their death in a frozen state, and they had 146 objects with them. I think global warming must have melted the ice around them, which was essential for their discovery. The museum was built for them and each child was on display in a glass freezer.

The museum is in a restored building on the main square, and is supposed to be the most high-tech museum of its type for the preservation of the frozen mummies
This girl was about 15 at the time of the sacrifice. Her hair is inmacualtely braided.
The children were buried with gold and silver figures, about 10cm tall, dressed in elaborate Inca costumes and headresses.
One of the girls was wearing this feather headress, and one of the figurines had an almost identical one.

The mummies were so well preserved, one could almost think they were asleep.

Prof. Johan Reinhard was the American co-leader of the expedition.  This is his gallery link:

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